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COVID-19 Response: Inglewood Night Market 


Dear Calgary, 

Through recent events surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we have been forced to consider the possibility of what the future for the 2020 Inglewood Night Market will be. Currently, as it stands, Alberta is in a low-risk situation, but is taking extreme precautionary efforts to ensure the virus is contained and hopefully short-lived. 

Please see Alberta’s latest public health advisories here

Right now our team at Urban Production Group are closely monitoring the situation and staying cautiously optimistic that the Inglewood Night Market will be able to proceed as usual this summer. We have been in close communication with the City of Calgary and will be moving forward in the best possible manner to adhere to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s mass gathering risk assessment protocol. We will continue to plan the execution of this much-loved market, but will be making future decisions regarding how we will move forward once we have more information in the upcoming days.  

Thank you Calgary for always being our biggest fans! We would not be able to continue to host the Inglewood Night Market if it wasn’t for your unwavering love and loyalty that you have shown us throughout the years. This international pandemic has hit every city on a local level harder than anyone could have planned for. It’s our mission through our events to always find ways to strengthen and rally behind local independent businesses, makers, and artisans – and that doesn’t stop now. Our local community needs us more than ever and any support you can offer truly makes a world of difference. Let’s gather together (metaphorically) and come out of this stronger than ever before! 

Jennifer Rempel 

Inglewood Night Market Event Organizer via Urban Productions Group 



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